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Silsden Activity Area for Older Children - October 2009


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Silsden Youth Council has secured more than £70,000 in funding for an activity area for older children.

The council, which has a 14-year-old chairman, has been trying to secure funding for Project 5 — an activity area for children aged seven upwards — since before last Christmas.

It received £6,500 from one funder, £10,000 from the next and then a £29,600 grant.

And last week it was overjoyed to receive £30,000 to take it practically to its target.

Silsden town councillor Pat Bottomley, who overseas the youth council, said she was hoping the activity area would be built in Silsden Park by October.

She said: “There will be a big basket swing with a seat two metres wide and an activity net. There will also be picnic tables and we are keeping the roundabout and swings which are already there. The youth council wanted to do something for the older children because they complained there was nothing for them to do if they didn’t ride a trial bike or skateboard.

“We sent a consultation document around to schools and youth groups in the area asking them what they wanted and that is what they have got.”

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14 Oct 2009



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