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Silsden Town Council have had to levy a precept this year as the administrative grant given by City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council has been withdrawn.

The monies raised by Silsden Town Council will be spent on the Town. Any groups, communities or clubs in the Town may be eligible for donations either this financial year or in the years to come.

Enquires should be made in writing to the clerk.

The amount of money request by Silsden Town Council this year is £30,600. This amounts to around £11.05 per band D house in the Town. Breaking it down further it is less than 22p per week.

This brings the Town Council into line with every other Parish/Town council Yorkshire who have precepted since 1974. This gives the council more powers to support the residents of Silsden in the future. Despite the fact that some of the Town councillors were against the idea of the precept they have supported the council in reaching the decision for next year's budget.

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