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Topic : Design guide aims for step change in house building

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21/06/2019 : 11:50:40      reply with quote

From the KN

A new design guide aims to transform both homes and neighbourhoods in the Keighley area to make them more healthy and sustainable.

..... but is this just wishful thinking (and this is a report from Bradford which has a policy for very high density building - tree, what tree)?

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22/06/2019 : 07:43:22      reply with quote

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This looks like a central government initiative. Having gamed the housing market to the benefit of developers chickens have come home to roost. Badly built rabbit hutches is a common comment. The dream of a property owning democracy is receding fast with the natural rise of dodgy landlords and dodgy practices. The recent changes in the law regarding letting show the way things are going.
Whether or not the sudden greening of the current administration is coming with the realisation that their supporters are older, richer and quite happy for the economy to go down the pan to ensure personal benefit.

Expect more ideas like this. Whether there will be any money and whether anything will happen is another matter.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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