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Topic : Delays due to retaining wall work by the reservoir

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15/06/2019 : 16:46:07      reply with quote

I just watched a video of a double tunnel being placed under a motorway in The Netherlands. Well organised and in the evening the motorway was closed and all work was carried out during that night. Motorway open at dawn with new blacktop and the tunnels ready for track laying.
Now be prepared for a 64 week delay on Cringles while reinforcing and wall building takes place. 64 weeks???
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15/06/2019 : 17:41:46      reply with quote

Simple answer mate, move to holland. Ta Ra
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15/06/2019 : 18:45:16      reply with quote

Thanks for the quick answer, though I'm not sure how me moving to Hollland would improve the waiting time for folks heading over to Ilkley and beyond happy :)
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Corky Yorky
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15/06/2019 : 20:10:33      reply with quote


It's okay Lewis just ignore TetleyDrinker..his answer is about as useful as a eunuch in a brothel.

You have hit the nail on the head with regarding apathy and professionalism in Britain today.
Thats why we are living in the built up ugly mess of Silsden and the whole country.
There are certain types of people who think that its okay to live in a shit hole and don't want to spend money to make our lives much easier and more attractive to live in.

I would say it's an "I'm all right jack" sort of mentality (a strong conservative attitude to life)...where competition and cheepness comes first over values, integrity and honesty.

In other countries, including some European ones, such as Holland, have a 'can do' attitude, and do what they say.
And guess what they construct some amazing structures that intelligently solve problems whilst simultaneously create beautiful and desirable places.
Here there are a lot of people in authority who have zero common sense, living for today, rather than for tomorrow.
They reap the harvest without saving or sowing for the future, leaving nothing but problems that are difficult to work around.
Planning, is one such example..but this attitude filters throughout all of society today.

These are the sort of people that think it's all right to chop down all the trees, and expect the world not to change in consequence...yet expect their children to live just as the same as they did.
These are the sort of people that hate change..because they don't know how to deal with it, and are too thick to go and chase up the answers.
They are the sort of people that will put you down at the first opportunity, they will hold you back in life, and do their best to stop you being the person you want to be.

Our country is mess because of these people.
We need to invest in our future, use talented people to answer our problems; we need to trust them, because in my experience these people really want to help.
The single reason of why some people in this country want immigration to increase is because these people who supposedly represent our country have failed to train our own workforce. These people have failed to support you and believe in you. They have taken away means to educate and acquisition of skills, because they have not believed in our countries own abilities, despite our clear evidence based ability to band together when wars require.

What you probably were seeing in that video is effect design, communication, and trained skilled professionals delivering a project without problem, as it should.
What you all are witnessing, in Silsden and throughout this Country on a daily basis is nothing more than a basic attempt to fulfil an obligation to do something in a cheep (or is it?) and harmful way that affects not only users whilst the project is in motion but often has ongoing consequences at a later date. No joined up thinking.

Another example is the shit workmanship by Bradford filling in the uneven, shambolic road that is Woodside Road.
The repairs are unlikely to last a year or two. The whole road needs re-grading; it is a bus route. Why has half of the same bus route on Addingham High street been re-graded and re-surfaced but not Woodside Road in Silsden?
In another bizarre twist Taylor Avenue is currently being re-graded yet I thought that road was particularly fine.
What the hell is going on in this Country.

Think I've made my point.
Well done Lewis for bringing this to our attention.
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Jolly Bob
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16/06/2019 : 08:53:10      reply with quote

I agree with what you say, Corky Yorky.
I know I am moving away from the topic but I felt I had to comment.
The problem with the politicians today is that most of our MP's are career politicians, who have not experienced the real world, only what they were taught at University. A degree in politics does not give one the knowledge to be an MP.
I cannot believe that it takes 64 weeks to repair one stretch of wall. Those persons who let these contracts need to think of the public before they decide the contract period. As you travel down this road, it is lke looking at a patchwork quilt. Surely it is not beyond wit that all the new walls should at least look the same, not some new stone, some old stone, some coursed, some random

The repairs to Woodside Road will only last one year at best. The previous repairs have only lasted two years.
If they do not seal the joints with bitumen, water will get under the repairs and erode them. As an experienced person I asked the highways engineer why they do not seal the joints anymore, I was informed that this is not done because it is outdated. What a load of rubbish. Only last week I was in Cheshire and guess what where the roads are repaired, they are all sealed with bitumen!
I agree that the whole of Woodside Road needs regrading and at least the top layer replacing. In some instances the underneath layer needs replacing also as the stone base is poking through.
The road was originally constructed of 600mm of type 1 stone, 100mm of tarmac roadbase, 60mm of tarmac base and topped with 40mm of dense bit tarmac. This was done around 1974. Underneath all this was a 900mm deep layer of brick hardcore on top of clay.
This is a bus route, so Mr Highways Engineer do the job properly, because if you don't, you will only be carrying out substantial repairs every one to two years.
The one decent road in Silsden leads to a church - Wesley Place!! Why is this?

Progress is inevitable and we should all embrace it
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16/06/2019 : 08:54:16      reply with quote

While Corky Yorky is right in parts, in others he/she is wrong. Without the planners being involved the country would be in a worse mess. They are the technocrats holding the line between their political masters and a population who seemingly do not want to pay any taxes.

Lack of training and education of specialists though is spot on. Mind you many that do manage to get a high level technical education end up working for foreign companies on foreign projects.

The bottom line is there is no such thing as a free lunch, the party in power (sort of) promised lower taxes, and delivered.

As for foreign infrastructure projects, in Europe many are,paid for through EU funding. We are probably net contributors mainly because the UK rarely applied for EU money for public works. Universities did for research and did well out of it.

Brexit has demonstrated that our current crop of political overseers are useless. We would certainly be better off part of a European super state than anything they can delivers. Not the sort of thing many people want to hear, but the truth can be painful at times.

Fortunately that incompetence at the top probably means Brexit fails.
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