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Topic : Hard Ings road

Golden Oldie
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13/05/2019 : 11:30:10      reply with quote

If at all possible try to avoid going to Keighley on the bypass.
We were going up to St.Ives this morning for a walk. Got onto the bypass, traffic backed up on both lanes to the roundabout our end. Finally got to B&Q roundabout an hour later. There was no visible holdup other than one lane closed off at the lights where you turn into B&Q. There were ground work crew in the Cricket Club grounds but no sign of any work all the way. Coming home the traffic towards Keighley backed up to between golf Club bridge and our roundabout.
Feel for the poor folk that have to use that route to go to work etc. Understand this will go on for a year!
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13/05/2019 : 12:59:00      reply with quote

An article from the Keighley News published on 9th May 2019. I have republished it here

..... so we can look back after 58 weeks and see if the claims made by Bradford Council traffic engineers come true. In the meantime, the best of luck getting to Bradford by car!

Up-to-date information on these road improvements can be found here

PS Don't forget to look at Google Traffic Map before any journey, it looks like the retaining wall by the reservoir started today.

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Harvey spicer
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15/05/2019 : 10:36:38      reply with quote

i always do my level best to avoid keighley full stop ..................
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Replies in this thread : 2

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