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Topic : Trees/shrubs overgrown up Skipton road

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13/11/2018 : 17:59:21      reply with quote

Where Skipton road has a junction with Woodside road, where the bus has difficulty negotiating the 'extended raised areas' there are some overgrown shrubs and trees. This heading down Skipton road.
Bad enough trying to negotiate this bit of road but the overgrown greenery scratches the car, no doubt the bus too.
Apparently the MDC have no money to cut these trees, unlike North Yorkshire who keep the rest clipped back over the border.
What to do?
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14/11/2018 : 09:36:03      reply with quote

Silsden council have a few Bob in the bank. Could they not hire a contractor to cut it back?

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14/11/2018 : 12:47:58      reply with quote

Email Silsden Town Clerk with the information, and preferably include a picture of the problem.

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15/11/2018 : 09:16:54      reply with quote

wouldn't these be the responsibility of the home owner who's garden contains these hedges?
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15/11/2018 : 10:22:27      reply with quote

used to do windows up there,and a resident told me the hedges were theirs as that bit of garden belongs to the houses so maybe they all need to get together and have them trimmed .
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Jolly Bob
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24/11/2018 : 11:23:56      reply with quote

Hhilst we are on this subject,how can we get the council to replace the kerbs and footpath to its original position, thus removing the bottleneck at the junction of Sipton Road and Woodside Road.
I do not know why this was done in the first place when the new house were built further up Skipton Road. Some planner must have had a brain malfunction
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Replies in this thread : 5

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