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Topic : Food Hygiene ratings for locals

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22/09/2018 : 06:23:55      reply with quote

Worth a check before you order that takeout or visit?
1 major improvement is necessary
0 urgent improvement is required
Source: Foods Standards Agency. Data last updated: 18/9/2018

Businesses with 0 rating:
Roosters Chicken Bar, 5 Cavendish Street, Keighley
Businesses with 1 rating:
Ahmeds Food Store & Halal Meat, 14-16 Drewry Road, Keighley
Caracas, 54 Saltaire Road, Shipley
Cross Roads Inn, 1 Cross Roads, Keighley
Euro Mini Market, 4 Campbell Street, Keighley
Fanny's Ale House, 63 Saltaire Road, Shipley
Great Wall Takeway, 252 Oakworth Road, Keighley
Leelas Ladybirds, John Street, Shipley
Nana Nellies / Cafe Choux Choux, Bradford Road, Keighley
Rajas Pizza Bar, 4 Cavendish Street, Keighley
Super Wok, 170-172 South Street, Keighley
The New Cedar Tree, 56-58 Westgate, Shipley
Tucos, 54 Kirkgate, Silsden
Tuco's, 6 Church Street, Keighley
UK Fried Chicken, 199 West Lane, Keighley

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22/09/2018 : 16:06:04      reply with quote

don't give us half a story......who is next on the ladder ?
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22/09/2018 : 22:27:50      reply with quote
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Replies in this thread : 2

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