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Topic : Additional parking on Kirkgate

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21/09/2018 : 13:35:01      reply with quote

Now that buses no longer use the stops down kirkgate, i reckon there’s an opportunity to improve parking by removing the last space opposite the chippy to remove the pinch point where the road narrows, and introducing additional spaces further down from where the current bus stop is marked up to the zig zags for the crossing. Its plenty wide enough here
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21/09/2018 : 16:04:31      reply with quote

Sounds like a plan
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21/09/2018 : 17:15:25      reply with quote

All the digging up of Kirgate and Brigate at the moment is because the roads are due to be resurfaced. So if this could be sorted before Bradford get round to painting the lines again???????????????????

Good luck.

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21/09/2018 : 19:03:00      reply with quote

The bus stops on Kirkgate are used by the Jackson bus, but the idea to remove the parking space by the fish & chip shop is a good one.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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