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Topic : Dog walkers

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05/06/2018 : 22:08:04      reply with quote

Seeing as last post got hi jacked:

Please keep dogs on leads and pick up n take away dog poop on farmland

your dogs maybe fine with sheep donít know that
I know that the track/path is fenced doesnít stop your dog running up n down the fence lines scattering my sheep, we now have a prized tup with a broken leg
I donít want you telling me your dog is well trained...whilst one dog runs round barn whilst another is in the barn
I donít want my sheep eating your dog poop...massive rise in pathogens causing birth defects, miscarriage and both lamb and ewe dying
I donít want my sheep eating dog poop in poop bags...because theyíll block digestive tracks that will kill them before the above pathogens can. Nor can I dispose all those that get left behind in trees, hedges, walls...
Already weíve had one dog rip apart a chicken, and that was a local dog of a friend, who was mortified, but not as mortified as the rest of the chucks who wouldnít come out of the coup for 3 days!
If it comes to it I WILL shoot your beloved pet. I really DONíT want to but, Iím not allowed to shoot the owners....I canít make the signs any clearer and canít put them in dog language, so PLEASE BE A RESPONSIBLE OWNER
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Replies in this thread : 0

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