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Topic : security shutters

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21/02/2018 : 11:13:44      reply with quote

looks like Tom Haye's old newsagent next to Stefanos is having security shutters fitted as part of a refurb. Surely these need planning permission as this is within the conservation area?
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21/02/2018 : 23:15:34      reply with quote

If they are putting shutters up they will need planning permission because it is in the Silsden conservation area. Can you remember all the fuss that was made when Tucos put hardboard shutters up every night when they didn't have planning permission?

Now enforcement in a conservation area is another thing, how The Counting House was allowed to paint their windows yellow and get away with it is something else! Boniparts varnished the outside a brown colour and had to paint it red. It then went white and blue (all conservation colours,but yellow isn't a conservation acceptable colour).

Wasn't there some solar panels put on one of the roofs of one of the shops in Kirkgate that had to be changed to the other side so they couldn't be seen from the shop side?
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Replies in this thread : 1

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