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Topic : diesels vehicles

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05/02/2018 : 11:06:33      reply with quote

well 2 years after the government were praising diesels they are certainly condeming them now,,as from may this year the mot changes to slam them again,ANY sign of smoke from the exhaust will constitute a fail, 'sad :(');as with any tampering of the particle filter and emission readings are to become more stringent,and as before any management lights on the dash will also fail on any car.angry');they want to make there minds up another few years and it will be petrol cars turn,
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05/02/2018 : 11:54:24      reply with quote

Well said Doggy.
They want everybody to go over to electric vehicles, but how will we charge them when they keep closing power stations down?
Also the batteries create far more greenhouse emissions during manufacture than they save.
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Replies in this thread : 1

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