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Topic : phone box and rubbish in beck

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18/12/2017 : 15:21:26      reply with quote

just noticed the phone box op lion gone,sign of the times with mobiles etc....just down the beck,looking up from clogg bridge on the left it looks like someones emptied the contents of a flat into the beck,vacuum,hairdryer,shoes clothes etc,is there still an enviroment group going that clears the beck up ,i was part of one 5 or 6 years ago,but that one finished or changed to another one.
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18/12/2017 : 21:19:19      reply with quote

there was something on facebook a week or so ago about somebody throwing a load of stuff in the beck, someone apparently witnessed it and it was reported, don't know if this is the same thing or not but a picture of it was posted on silsden buzz facebook page
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21/12/2017 : 15:11:03      reply with quote

doggy, I am not sure when the phone box went, but it wasn't there on the 18 Nov when we put the lights up.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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