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Topic : A walk spoilt

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13/10/2017 : 22:37:29      reply with quote

I walked on ilkley moor for the first time this afternoon with my girlfriend and my dogs. Shortly after arriving we were asked to leave so they could shoot the grouse. What gives people the right to turn up heavy handed and blast the birds out of their habitat.? My girlfriend had taken the day off work to help me after having surgery yesterday she just wanted to remove herself from these hateful people.
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13/10/2017 : 23:17:56      reply with quote

I dont have a problem with grouse shooting nor would I leave a public access area so someone else could shoot them.
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14/10/2017 : 00:26:58      reply with quote

And if you are not happy in the way you were treated contact.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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