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Topic : A Thank you to Chris Atkinson.

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02/10/2017 : 12:28:42      reply with quote

Thank you Chris.

You have made a significant contribution to your community and should be very proud of all that you have achieved. your immense knowledge of the area has enabled you to provide invaluable assistance to so many organisations and individuals. and It's clear from the many people I've spoken to, that you have been a very popular local councillor and will continue to be a popular and respected figure in Silsden. your loyalty and commitment to the town has been greatly appreciated by all who have come into contact with you and I'm sure I speak for everyone in Silsden when I wish you a very happy retirement.
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02/10/2017 : 12:36:14      reply with quote

Many people will not know of the contribution you have made to this community over the years.

Thank you Chris, you have made Silsden a better place.
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02/10/2017 : 15:26:59      reply with quote

same here,join the early retirees skippy happy fishing.
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02/10/2017 : 21:45:46      reply with quote

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Thank you Chris,even though we have not agreed on everything, you have done your best for Silsden and that is all one can ask. Again many thanks.
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10/10/2017 : 17:12:36      reply with quote

Thanks gentlemen kind words .I've done 23 yrs on the council and really enjoyed every minute,I've seen 3 different clerks all of who helped when I was ever stuck,I've also had my fair share of bollockings but so what broad shoulders and all that,hope the council keeps up with all its good works and wish the new members when appointedhave as much fun but not the heartache as I've had,
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11/10/2017 : 09:00:27      reply with quote

Chris, very sorry to see you leave the Council.
I know how frustrating it can get.
I hope you have only retired from the Council, and not from everything? Silsden still needs more people like you.
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Replies in this thread : 5

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