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Topic : Mallinson sacked

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28/09/2017 : 07:05:12      reply with quote

TWO LONG-serving Tory politicians in Keighley have been rejected as candidates for the next Bradford Council election.

Glen Miller and Andrew Mallinson failed to win agreement from party bosses to stand in their existing wards for the election next spring.
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28/09/2017 : 11:19:51      reply with quote

At last!
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28/09/2017 : 15:54:35      reply with quote

And not before time, he has milked this gravy train almost dry.
Nobody can do less for Silsden than him, surely?
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28/09/2017 : 16:49:02      reply with quote
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28/09/2017 : 18:34:35      reply with quote

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This might amuse some, when I contacted him about my concerns about the new school site he told me he was against it. He also said he thought that a Five storey school on the Hothfield st site was a better idea. What a waste of space he is.
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Replies in this thread : 4

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