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Topic : Canal Footpath

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04/09/2017 : 19:44:35      reply with quote

In March I contacted the Canal & River Trust to find out why the canal resurfacing work between Silsden and Riddlesden had not been completed over the winter 2016-17 as stated on the following website (

Their response was "The stretch between Silsden and Lower Holden farm is due to be resurfaced at some point in the coming months – it was due to start after Christmas, however, there were delays due to the pricing of the works. We do not have a start date as yet – the best guestimate at this time is early summer although this could be sooner."

The website was subsequently amended to "Construction will commence in early summer 2017 and will be complete by March 2018."

On 30th August I contacted them again as no work had commenced and this is their latest response:

"Funding was agreed in principle and the work was due on site in August, however, there has been a pause placed on this (and three other schemes we are hoping to deliver on other canals) being funded by West Yorkshire Combined Authority. This is mainly in response to questions that have been highlighted by some users over the design of the towpath. As a result our principal designer has been out to re-look at all the schemes over the past three weeks. We are still confident that an improvement scheme will be undertaken in this location however at the moment we cannot put a timescale on this until the updated work has been approved in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority."

As West Yorkshire Combined Authority is Leeds based, it is even more unlikely that they will receive funding as we are further off their radar than Bradford MDC.

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04/09/2017 : 23:28:31      reply with quote

I got a similar reply - see extract from email below. I can't see how a body like this can just sit on a pile of money or a commitment to funding. If the other three are delaying things, there must have been a budget agreed for the Silsden stretch so get on with it.

"Regarding starting the actual construction there has been a delay which relates to the funding for the project. Very simply, there is a ‘Canals’ project as part of the CityConnect wider programme. This included improvements to 4 canals across West Yorkshire, unfortunately there have been some delays with the designs for the other schemes, and until the costs for these other 3 have been confirmed we cannot proceed with building any of them. We are getting closer, though I could not specify a date.

Improvements to the Kildwick section are not a CityConnect project however Craven Council and Canal and River Trust are putting in a bid for funding to make these improvements.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.

Many thanks,

West Yorkshire Combined Authority
Wellington House | 40-50 Wellington Street | Leeds | LS1 2DE | |"

Has the town council taken this up with anyone.Canal towpaths to the East of Brunthwaite Farm and West of Bradley overall are in a good condition. The Silsden bit betweem - an absolute disgrace. Once again Silsden gets left behind.
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06/09/2017 : 21:33:04      reply with quote

I wouldn't hold out much hope, But have you tried contacting our three ward Councillors?
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06/09/2017 : 22:19:53      reply with quote

posted by HurricaneHector
I wouldn't hold out much hope, But have you tried contacting our three ward Councillors?
A quick google of our 3 councillors searching the last month shows plenty of mentions of cllr Naylor but nothing for Mallinson and Rickard.I get Mallinson is doing is new house up and having a mid life crisis(usual motorbike thing) but I wonder if Rickard is ill
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12/09/2017 : 18:55:04      reply with quote

Unfortunately, the CRT is VERY badly disorganised. I have been on one or two work days with the trust and the organisation is diabolical.

I contacted them over an issue with the bridge at Kildwick. I was told I would have a call back within 24 hours. I phoned again aftger 36 and was told I would have a call back that day. 4 months later, I am still waiting!

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13/09/2017 : 13:46:11      reply with quote

Gazzer..... what sort of motorcikle?
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