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Topic : Incinerator Keighley - Fallout - Silsden!!

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02/02/2017 : 20:20:38      reply with quote

this post has been edited 4 time(s) see the fallout path

Sign the petition and object on the Bfd website

search for 16/06857/FUL

EDITS due to fun with links sad :(

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03/02/2017 : 11:21:55      reply with quote

I see that work on this site is well underway and I doubt that Brad Met would pull the plug on this construction when presented with a petition from local people. But having said that I have signed the petition and I live in hope.
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09/02/2017 : 10:37:13      reply with quote

Regulatory and Appeals Committee sits Thursday, 9th February, 2017 9.30 am

This is item 5 on the agenda

It is recommended that this development is approved - but is it really suitable for a valley location?

Remember this day on 29 Nov

More information:

Previous references: Minutes 107 (2013/14) and 28 (2015/16)

A report will be submitted by the Assistant Director – Planning, Transportation and Highways (Document “AF”) in respect of a planning application for the development of two plants to recover energy from waste, including a materials reception, a waste bunker hall, a turbogenerator hall, a bottom ash hall, an education/visitors centre, offices and a workshop/warehouse for plant operatives with associated parking and landscaping, on land to the east of the Former Gas Works, Airedale Road, Keighley – 16/006857/FUL.

Recommended –

(1) That the application be approved for the reasons and subject to the conditions set out in the Assistant Director - Planning, Transportation and Highways’ technical report.

(2) That the grant of planning permission be subject also to the completion of a legal planning obligation under Section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, or such other lawful mechanism for securing the heads of terms as may be agreed in consultation with the City Solicitor, in respect of:

the payment of a commuted sum of £8,200 for the undertaking of tree planting at East Riddlesden Hall,

the legal planning obligation to contain such other ancillary provisions as the Assistant Director - Planning, Transportation and Highways (after consultation with the City Solicitor) considers appropriate.

(John Eyles – 01274 434380

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09/02/2017 : 10:39:27      reply with quote

this post has been edited 1 time(s)

In meeting large number of public attendees

The committee will be having a site visit

They have approved with 2 councillors refusing subject to conditions
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14/02/2017 : 11:16:28      reply with quote

EFW Sites have extremely strict controls on them and all fumes etc are treated prior to exiting the plant. It's an eye saw down there anyway, can only bring more jobs and a bit of construction to the local area which is bound to be a good thing...
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21/02/2017 : 11:57:29      reply with quote

Written by David Bateman, Hospital Road, Riddlesden

Bradford Council has just made the devastating decision to ignore all the advice of the World Health Organisation and approve the waste incinerator at Marley – the first to be located in a valley bottom.

Now, from Gargrave to Bradford, we will all live, work or go to school within range of a facility creating 24/7 some of the most deadly chemical emissions known to science.

How could the people of Airedale and the surrounding area let this creep up on them?

Somehow, information that should have been freely available has been hard to come by (even councillors in adjacent but vulnerable wards had been unaware). Inevitably, those who had made themselves aware, did the research and protested, were called a minority. Bingo!

The outcome is Airedale is to be the site of a dangerous experiment. The developers cite 11 other plants already in operation. Not relevant, unless they, too, are located in residential areas in narrow valleys. As for the impact on public health in the 11 areas, a full assessment of that might take a generation and it won’t be good.

Looking to the economic future here, is this the way to encourage inward investment by non-polluting firms – enterprises that might actually bring real jobs and prosperity to the region? Is this the Northern Powerhouse we wish to belong to?

Clearly, a higher authority needs to look behind Bradford Council’s bland assertion that the benefits of the scheme outweigh the ‘identified harm’. This is not a matter of weights and measures. How can you weigh threats to human health against so-called benefits? There are no safe levels of dioxins in the environment.

Has Bradford MDC done anything to look for ‘identified harm’ elsewhere? According to Memorandum (Waste 28) on the parliamentary website, plenty exists.

The positive-sounding term ‘energy from waste’ is a planners’ fig leaf, given the dangerous location of the incinerator in a valley bottom. The Secretary of State for Local Government still has the power to overturn the decision.

You can write and make your views known to him or to your MP.
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