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Topic : Upper Aire Flood Risk Management Strategy

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04/01/2016 : 19:08:13      reply with quote

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I had a quick Google on what the Environment Agency is doing with regards to Silsden Beck and found the following documents. - Upper Aire Flood Risk Management Strategy Summary Consultation Document (May 2009)

Relevant sections are (I have cut out bits):

Proposals - In the medium term (next 15 years), we recommend:
Investigating flood risk management measures on the following tributaries: Waller Hill Beck, Ings Beck, Eller Beck, Cononley Beck, Silsden Beck, Providence Lane, the River Worth, Nab Wood Beck, Bradford Beck, Guiseley Beck, Bagley Beck, Farnley Wood Beck, Meanwood Beck and Wyke Beck

_____________________________________ Aire Catchment Flood Management Plan Summary Report (December 2010)

Relevant excerpts:

Locations of towns and villages with 100 or more properties at risk in a 1% annual probability river flood if there were no defences in place
Number of properties at risk & Locations
500 to 1,000 Silsden, Bradford, Castleford,

How we currently manage flood risk in the catchment:
• maintaining over 294 kilometres of river channels including
removal of blockages likely to increase flood risk;
• working with local authorities to influence the location and layout of development, ensuring that inappropriate development is not allowed in the floodplain through the application of Planning Policy Statement 25: Development and Flood Risk (PPS25).
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30/10/2017 : 16:21:49      reply with quote

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Council has 'learned lessons' following Boxing Day floods of 2015, committee is told

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John Major, the council’s assistant director for waste, fleet and transport services, said: “We have learned a lot over the last two years and have put a lot in place.

“The flooding was an unusual set of circumstances and it found Bradford Council not as prepared as it should have been.”


The committee was told a permanent stock of sand bags and flood sacks is now available for deployment by council staff to manage major flooding incidents.

They are located at Stockbridge depot, Wakefield Road in Bradford and also in Ilkley, Apperley Bridge and Addingham.

The committee heard the Environment Agency is undertaking a review of the flood models on various tributaries of the River Aire including Silsden Beck. It is the intention of the Flood Board to provide funding to this project to facilitate option appraisals of flood risk alleviation projects within the Silsden Beck catchment.

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31/10/2017 : 11:37:23      reply with quote

If you want to see what can be done to help stop flooding? I suggest you take a look at the structure which has been built in the valley to the North of the A65 between the railway bridge and the Skipton bypass.
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