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Topic : Briggate Gym

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19/11/2011 : 19:09:36      reply with quote

Sorry but I could find the start new topic on the other forum. So I am posting it here.
Does anyone know who used to run the gym up Briggate?
If not does anyone know why it closed?
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21/11/2011 : 11:53:37      reply with quote

I used to use the Gym on Briggate and loved it, I wish it was still there!
I'm actually trying to rack my brains as to why they stopped - it was either that they weren't allowed to renew the lease or that they couldn't afford the premesis, but I do know that they were trying to find a new premesis to operate from (but obviously never found anything!)
Just curious, but why do you ask?!
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Replies in this thread : 1

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