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Topic : designer clothes

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06/10/2011 : 20:36:33      reply with quote

hi,does any one know if theres a local agency where you can sell your unwanted designer clothes for a commission ?
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06/10/2011 : 20:58:21      reply with quote

Nadines does,

but dont. the ones she doesnt sell smell badly of smoke when you get them back
just avoid
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06/10/2011 : 21:30:19      reply with quote

Ilkley, on entering town, there's Eric Spencers country clothing shop on the right. Then an estate agents, the little street between them and the pet shop that goes up towards the car park. Shop on left above the art and craft shop.
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07/10/2011 : 13:56:01      reply with quote

I think there is a shop in gargrave that does this.
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Replies in this thread : 3

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