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Topic : piano/singing tutor

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19/10/2009 : 21:08:08      reply with quote

hellos, i have been attempting to self teach my self piano (using books and youtube)for 6 months. im now quite handy with chords and started to try singing...i have learnt a lot of bad habits and was wondering if i could make my self sound pleasant/mediocre.......i would be very interested in learning the blues, some funky jazz and have an understanding of music in general....

can any one help ?
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19/10/2009 : 22:05:40      reply with quote

Might be worth trying Grace Topper she's really nice, lives on Howden Road
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19/10/2009 : 22:16:29      reply with quote

I live on Howden Rd and have been playing blues guitar for about 40 years and I'm always up for a jam.
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Replies in this thread : 2

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