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Topic : Stable and grazing needed

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18/10/2009 : 09:30:22      reply with quote


We are new to the area, relocating from Wales, and are looking for a stable with some grazing for a large horse. Livery yards in the area seem to be full. Anybody able to suggest anywhere please?

Many thanks
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18/10/2009 : 12:14:37      reply with quote

Have you tried Draughton?
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18/10/2009 : 18:28:07      reply with quote

stables at swartha land and livery ask for josie
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19/10/2009 : 23:08:06      reply with quote

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the above two were full last week unless something has come up,u could also try marion greenwood on 07913042371 her stables are silsden side of addingham up bolton road out of silsden and crossbank road is a left turn just before u get to roundabout on addingham bypasshappy :)ps marion on hol till wed 21st
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Replies in this thread : 3

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